Singapore's Historic Haze

The air quality has been terrible in Singapore this week, setting new records for levels of pollution, reminding me of a visit I made to Beijing in April 2011. The cause is intentional burning of forests and plantation land in Riau Province, on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.

The attached image was taken at 8:36 AM this morning, looking out toward the Marina Bay Sands, which normally is clearly visible at all times of the day and night, and a favorite photographic subject over the last 4 plus years.

Singapore uses the Pollution Standards Index (PSI), and the 3-hour average reported at 9 AM this morning was 323, down from the all-time record of 401 at Noon yesterday.

A lot of people are wearing masks, including the recommended N95 type, which I received at work, to cut down the impact of the smoky stench, which was declared 'hazardous' yesterday. Organized outdoor activities like running events, etc., are being cancelled this weekend around Singapore.